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SLTender NamePublishing DateClosing DateViewDownload
1RFQ (Request for Quotation) supply of A4 paper, Legal paper and Napkin Tissue for Community Bank Bangladesh Limited.2023-09-05 12:002023-09-10 14:00
2RFQ (Request for Quotation) supply of printing items Credit Card Service Request Form & Credit Card Payment Slip for Community Bank Bangladesh Limited.2023-09-05 12:002023-09-10 14:00
3Enlistment and RFQ (Request for Quotation) for supply of ATM Cash Replenishment and Allied Service2023-08-09 12:002023-08-17 14:00
4RFQ (Request for Quotation) interior works for set up of Collection Booth at Rajarbagh Police Line School & College Collection Booth2023-06-15 12:002023-06-22 14:00
5RFQ (Request for Quotation) Technical and Financial Offer for supply of Installation and Commissioning of 40 KVA (3-Ø) Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) for Community Bank Bangladesh Limited, Fulbaria Branch, Mymensingh2023-06-08 12:002023-06-15 14:00
6RFQ (Request For Quotation) for Supply of different Types of Security Printing Items2023-04-26 12:002023-06-10 14:00
7UPC (Unit Price Confirmation) i.e. unit rate as well as Technical Specifications for supply of Water Purifier2023-04-18 12:002023-05-11 14:00
8RFQ (Request for Quotation) Technical and Financial Offer for supply of Technical Specification of 7 KVA/ 10 KVA Prime Diesel/ Petrol-Octane Mobile Generator with ATS & Canopy at Community Bank Bangladesh Limited, “Sir Iqbal Road Sub Branch” Khulna2023-04-05 12:002023-04-17 14:00
9RFQ (Request for Quotation) for Supply and fixation of unit rate for 01 Years of Note Binding Machine Tape2023-02-15 12:002023-03-19 14:00
10Tender for supply of “500 nos Annual Report with Envelope”2023-02-19 12:002023-03-19 14:00
11RFQ for supply of 03 (three) nos SHREDDER MACHINE AT HEAD OFFICE2023-02-20 12:002023-03-06 14:00
12Tender for interior sell2023-02-17 12:002023-02-26 14:00
13Tender for UPC (Unit Price Confirmation) for 01 year & Enlistment for supply of “19 liter water bottle jars made of PC (Poly-carbonate)"2023-01-09 12:002023-01-20 14:00
14Tender for UPC (Unit Price Confirmation) for 01 year & Enlistment for Supply of Photocopier Toners.2023-01-15 12:002023-01-19 14:00
15Tender for UPC (Unit Price Confirmation) for 01 year & Enlistment for maintenance purpose of Branding Items2023-01-08 12:002023-01-19 14:00
16Tender for UPC (Unit Price Confirmation) for 01 year & Enlistment for supply of steel furniture2022-12-28 12:002023-01-05 14:00
17Tender (UPC-Unit Price Confirmation) & Enlistment for supply of Courier Service2022-12-26 12:002023-01-05 14:00
18Tender for UPC (Unit Price Confirmation) & Enlistment for supply of Vehicle Maintenance items as well as Regular Servicing of vehicles2022-12-12 12:002022-12-20 14:00
19Tender & Enlistment for supply of Pantry Items2022-12-12 12:002022-12-18 14:00
20Auction Notice and Sellable Item List for Panchabati Branch and ICT floor2022-12-07 12:002022-12-18 14:00
21Tender & Enlistment for supply of Paper & Tissue items2022-12-01 12:002022-12-08 12:00
22Tender & Enlistment for supply of branding & signage items2022-12-05 12:002022-12-08 12:00
23Tender & Enlistment for Generator Repair Maintenance and Generator Consumable Spare Parts Supply Works2022-11-22 12:002022-11-30 12:00
24Tender and Enlistment of Air Condition Repair and Services including relevant Spare Parts2022-11-22 12:002022-11-30 12:00
25Tender and Enlistment of Cleaning Service2022-11-22 12:002022-11-30 12:00
26 Tender and Enlistment for Interior Decoration & Electrical Repair Maintenance Works2022-11-22 12:002022-12-07 12:00
27Tender and Enlistment for Officer Associate/Support Executive Personnel2022-11-16 12:002022-11-27 12:00
28Tender and Enlistment for Messenger/Peon/Tea Boy, Cleaner Personnel2022-11-16 12:002022-11-27 12:00
29Tender and Enlistment for Supply & Printing Stationery Items2022-11-16 12:002022-11-27 12:00
30Tender and Enlistment for Armed or Unarmed Security Guard2022-11-16 12:002022-11-23 12:00
31Tender and Enlistment for Supply Stationary, T-Bar and Cleaning Item2022-11-16 12:002022-11-21 12:00
32Tender Notice for Appointing Auditor for Employees Provident Fund of Community Bank Bangladesh Limited2022-06-16 12:002022-06-30 12:00
33Tender Notice of Hiring Vehicles2022-04-20 12:002022-04-27 12:00
34Tender Notice For Purchase Of Vehicles2022-02-28 12:002022-03-09 12:00
35Appointing Actuarial Firm2020-11-22 12:002020-11-30 12:00
36Vendor Enlistment2020-06-06 20:002020-07-07 12:00
37INVITATION FOR TENDER2020-06-04 20:002020-07-14 12:00
38Invitation For IT Equipment2019-12-08 20:002019-12-18 12:00
39Procurement and installation of call center2019-09-15 20:002019-09-24 12:00
40Notice For Vendor Enlistment2019-07-10 20:002019-07-16 12:00
41Tender Notice For Purchase Of Vehicles2019-02-27 20:002019-03-05 12:00
42Invitation For Tender2019-02-24 20:002019-03-04 12:00
43Invitation For Tender For Interior Decoration & Cisco Products2019-02-17 20:002019-03-04 12:00