Community Bank offers you the best long term banking investment plan to secure your dream. Our flexible tenor of investments assure your high return of investments where your money will grows safely.FEATURES & BENEFITS
  • Flexible tenor of investments like 90 days/3 months, 180 days/6 months, 12 months/1 Year, 24 months/2 years and maximum 36 months/3 years.
  • Minimum Amount to open FDR is BDT 10,000
  • Lucrative interest rate
  • Auto renewal options


Community Bank offers you a various range of monthly deposit schemes to support the needs of all type of long term monthly savings. Our tailor made deposit schemes will help you to secure your future and will add extra values in your lifestyles.SEGMENT
  • DPS – General
  • DPS – Millionaire Schemes
  • DPS – Kotipoti Scheme
  • DPS – Woman
  • DPS – Children/Education Future Plan
  • DPS – Marriage
  • DPS – Pilgrimage
  • DPS – Land/Flat Purchase
  • Auto collection of installments
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Customer can open it for 3/5/7/10 years

Savings Account

Community Bank’s Savings Account provides you the very best services and rates in the industry with its excellent service and secured money transactions. Our tailor made savings account has 5 segments to provide services to progressing the communities.SEGMENTS
  • Savings Account- General
  • Savings Account -Woman
  • Savings Account-Payroll
  • Savings Account - Senior Citizen
  • Savings Account - Student
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No interest forfeiture rule
  • Cheque Book and Debit Card facilities
  • SMS alert on every transactions
  • Free Internet Banking & EFTN Services
  • Attractive savings rate
  • RTGS facilities
  • One account connects all the facilities – DPS, FDR and Loans
SAVINGS ACCOUNT GENERALAny Bangladeshi citizen (age 18 and above) can openthis account. Opening Balance requirement is BDT 1000.SAVINGS ACCOUNT FOR WOMANSpecially designed for woman to help them getting empowered. Opening balance requirement is BDT1000.SAVINGS ACCOUNT- PAYROLLEmployees of MNC/ LLC/ Medium corporate/ NGO/ proprietorship/ partnership/ limited company/ private university/ private school / private college or other suitable entity can open this account for salary purpose.FEATURES & BENEFITS
  • No Opening Balance required
  • Mode of operation: Singly Eligibility for Payroll Company
  • Needed minimum 10 permanent salaried employees
  • Monthly minimum salary BDT 500,000 needs to disburse
SAVINGS ACCOUNT FOR SENIOR CITIZENSSavings Account for senior citizen is targeting the customer segment who have reached the age of 50 years or above.FEATURES & BENEFITS
  • Opening Balance requirement BDT 1,000
  • Separate service desk for senior citizens
SAVINGS ACCOUNT FOR STUDENTSavings Account Student is a joint savings account for school going children from 6 years to 18 years. Legal guardian will operate the account on behalf of the student.FEATURES & BENEFITS
  • Mode of operation: Singly
  • Opening Balance requirement only BDT 100
  • Students school fees / scholarship fund collection/ education insurance can be collected