Answer: Community Bank issued Platinum and Gold Dual Currency Visa Credit Card, which brings attractive benefits for all members of Bangladesh Police Force, any government and non-government employees and businessmen. To become a Cardholder of Community Bank, customers will facilitated for shopping, cash withdrawal, bill payment etc. at home and abroad.

Answer: When you use a debit card, you are accessing funds in your own bank account. When you use a credit card, you are borrowing money from the credit card issuing banks.

If you don’t repay that full amount within due date, you may be charged interest on these purchases.

Answer: Key Features of Community Bank Credit Card: ​​​​​​​

  • All members of Bangladesh Police Force are eligible for Platinum and Gold Dual Currency Visa Credit Card
  • No Joining Fee
  • Transaction Alert facility through SMS at free of cost
  • From 2nd year Annual Fee shall be waived if cardholder performs 12 transactions in a year
  • Lifetime free 1st supplementary cards
  • Interest Rate:  20% per year which is 1.66% per month
  • QuickBuy EMI facility at 0% interest rate at prominent merchant outlets
  • Discount facilities at prominent hotels, restaurants & other merchant outlets 
  • Fund transfer facility through community cash app
  • Cash withdrawal facility through POS from any branch of Community Bank
  • Cardholder can withdraw unused Credit Card limit over 118 Community Bank ATMs
  • EMI facility at 9.9% interest rate on any POS or E-commerce transaction
  • Up to 45 days interest free period for any online or POS transaction up to 45 days
  • Credit card bill payment facility through Community Cash app
  • Dual Currency Global Credit Card:  This cards are eligible to use in any VISA terminals (ATM/POS/ONLINE) all over the world. However, before conducting foreign currency transactions, cardholder’s passport must be endorsed by Community Bank
  • Maximum Credit Limit facility based on customer income
  • Immediate Cash Advance Facility through ATMs 
  • E-Statement Service.
  • Auto Debit Facility: Cardholders have the option to choose Full or Minimum Auto Payment (Standing Instruction) of credit card dues from his Community Bank Savings account.

Answer: Police Force Staff having salary disbursement at Community Bank:

  • NID Photocopy
  • E-TIN Certificate Copy
  • 1 Copy LAB Print Photo
  • Office ID Card Copy
  • Other Documents as per personal/GPF loan of Bangladesh Police
  • Valid Passport Copy (for conducting foreign currency transactions only)


Age Limit:

  • Minimum: 18 years, 
  • Maximum: Police Force within the service tenure, 
  • for others 60 years.


Salaried Person:

  • NID Photocopy
  • Latest Salary Certificate / Last 3 Months Pay Slip
  • E-TIN Certificate Copy
  • Valid Passport Copy (for conducting foreign currency transactions only)
  • Office ID Card Copy
  • Bank Statement Last 6 Months
  • Business Card
  • 2 Copy LAB Print Photo


For Business Person:

  • NID Photocopy
  • Trade License Or Partnership Deed Copy (For Partnership Concern ) or MOA + ARTICLE 10 & 12 (For Limited Company)
  • E-TIN Certificate Copy
  • Valid Passport Copy (for conducting foreign currency transactions only)
  • Bank Statement Last 12 Months
  • Business Card
  • 2 Copy LAB Print Photo
Answer: Payment through Auto Debit from cardholder account is mandatory. There are 2 options for Auto-Debit:
  1. Minimum Payment (approximately 5% of outstanding)
  2. Full Payment

Answer: Cardholder shall activate the card by calling at our call center no: +88096127 16707

Answer: Cardholder shall set their card PIN by calling at our call center no: +88096127 16707

Answer: You may apply for a Community Bank VISA Card at any Community Bank branch/Service Desk/ Sub branch near you. You may also dial at our call center at +8809612716707 and place your requisition for a credit card.


  • Un-Secure: Maximum 10 Lac Taka.
  • Secure: Maximum 25 Lac Taka.

Answer: Immediately call at 24 hours’ call center number +8809612716707 and block the card from doing any transaction.

Answer: Please call our 24 hours call center number +8809612716707 and request for the replacement of the card. Alternatively, visit our branch or Service Desk and request for replacement of the credit card by filling up a service request form.

Answer: Yes. You will receive a new credit card 30 days prior to the expiry of your existing credit card.

Answer: Please call our 24 hours call center number +8809612716707 from your registered mobile number with a request to increase your card limit with supporting income documents and request to filling up service request form.

Answer: Yes. You can use your CBBL credit card at any payment point which accepts Visa credit cards as a payment mode. For overseas transactions, you must endorse your passport from Community Bank branch or from Card Division.

Answer: Yes. You can use your CBBL credit card at any ATM of CBBL or which ATM is on the Q-Cash, NPSB & Visa network to withdraw cash. Interest will be imposed for any ATM cash transactions.

Answer: Transaction parameters depends on cardholder limit which is described as follows:
Card with Credit Limit3 Lac & above1 Lac to below 3 LacBelow 1 LacUp to 50,000
POS Transaction count/day20202020
POS Purchase Single Transaction1,00,00050,00010,00010,000
POS Purchase /day5,00,0002,00,00020,00020,000
ATM cash count/day20201010
ATM Cash single Transaction30,00020,00010,00010,000
ATM Cash/day1,00,0001,00,00020,00020,000
Bank POS cash Single Transaction05050505
Bank POS Cash single Transaction2,00,0001,00,00010,00010,000
Bank POS cash/day5,00,0001,50,00020,00020,000
Ecommerce count/day20100505
E-CommerceBDT Single Transaction50,00020,0005,0005,000
E-Commerce Total/day3,00,0001,00,00020,00020,000
PIN try count/day03030303

Answer: Pay your credit card dues completely and call your registered call number or visit our branch and fill up service request form to close your card.

Answer: Please visit your nearest Service Desk/ Branch to change your personal details and need to filling up service request form.

Answer: Please set your new PIN by calling at our call center number +8809612716707. PIN reset/replacement is chargeable BDT 200.

Answer: Yes, you can provide Auto Debit instruction during credit card form fill up or later by calling at our call center number +8809612716707 from your registered phone number. Alternatively, visit our branch or Card Division and request by filling up service request form.

Answer: Currently, credit card interest for Bangladesh Police Force Staff is 20% per annum.

Answer: Card Verification Value is a number that is printed on the back (Visa Card) of your credit or debit card. This number is never transferred during card swipes, never share to any one, and should only be known by you the cardholder. This CVV number is required for e-commerce transaction.

Answer: Yes, it is mandatory for all types of transaction.

Answer: For transactions below BDT 3,000, card member can just tap their card to complete a transaction. For purchases above BDT 3,000, Customer must enter their PIN.

Answer: Impact of missing due date:

  • A penalty charge will be imposed with your card account.
  • Collection executive may call or visit you to remind you about your overdue repayment. 
  • You may receive reminder letter, SMS regarding your overdue repayment.
  • Your Credit Card may be blocked automatically if your overdue period exceeds 60 Days.

Answer: Your Credit Card will start to charge the set interest on the remaining outstanding amount, If the total bill as per previous statement is not paid within payment due date.

Answer: Your Credit Card will not be charged with interest if you pay full outstanding within the due date.

Answer:  You can make a phone call to the contact center number +8809612716707.

Answer:  Community Bank Bangladesh Limited has implemented a technologically advanced and 3D secure online payment for all VISA Cardholders. To confirm the transaction, you will require to input One Time Password (OTP) which will be sent to your registered mobile number. Do not share this OTP with anyone.

Answer:  Make necessary dollar endorsement on your passport by visiting branch or Card Division and then notify us at +8809612716707 about your travel plan like- duration, country to visit, approximate plan on your card spending/usage etc.

Answer:  Yes, you can change card PIN anytime by calling at our contact center number +8809612716707. Charge of BDT 200 shall be imposed for PIN replacement.


Answer:  You should immediately report to our Call Centre at +8809612716707.

Answer:  Once you’ve completed your application form, we’ll review your information and make a decision of whether to accept you or not. If you have been accepted, we’ll try to tell you straight away. But sometimes we may need more time to consider your application. In those cases we’ll get in touch within the next 10-15 working days.

Answer:  Yes, you can transfer 90% of your credit card balance to your savings account. 1% service fee plus VAT shall be charged.

Answer:  Balance Transfer amount will be credited on the same day of Cardholder CBBL Account through Community Bank Apps.

Answer:  You can transfer from Credit card 90% balance only to your CBBL account.

Answer:  You may enroll up to 3 supplementary cards. You and your supplementary cardholders share the same credit limit.

Answer:  Credit Card can be sent only to the mailing address as per bank records. In your absence, you can leave an authorization letter with your family members along with a valid ID proof to accept the delivery. However, you must activate the card by yourself by calling at our call center number +8809612716707.


  • Unauthorized charges
  • Charges for goods or services you have not received or accepted
  • Amounts billed incorrectly
  • Transactions not clearly described, or for which you need clarification
  • Goods or services that were paid for by other means
  • Canceled recurring charges (e.g. gym memberships)
  • Merchandise or service was not as described
  • Credit not received for returned merchandise
  • Canceled transaction with merchant or service provider
Answer:   Please contact Customer Service at +8809612716707.

Answer:   Mailing addresses for Credit Card of Community Bank must be located in the Bangladesh. If an address change request includes an address outside of the allowed areas, the account may be closed.

Answer:   A minimum payment is the smallest amount (approximately 5% for regular paying cardholders) you can pay on your credit card bill to avoid late fees and remain in good standing.
If received only minimum payment is the smallest amount (5%) then interest will be generated in daily basis.
If you pay less than the minimum, or make the payment after the due date, your payment will be late and you may be charged a late fee.
Answer:  An annual fee is a fee that may be charged on a yearly basis for maintaining a credit card. Annual fee shall be waived based on cardholder application if he/she conducts 12 transactions in a year.  
Answer:  Yes, Community Bank Visa Platinum and Gold Card are accepted worldwide, specifically, at retail outlets, ATM, and online shopping sites, where you see the VISA logo. Visa cards are accepted in more than 200 countries and territories. So you can use a Visa credit card pretty much everywhere that takes plastic around the world.  
Answer:   You can get these information’s through your e-statement, alternatively you can get from CBBL dedicated call center at 16707 or +8809612716707. 
Answer:   Late payments will be subject to corresponding late payment fees and finance charges. Your credit record with Community Bank will reflect a history of being overdue and may be reported to credit bureaus.

Answer:   You can pay your Community Bank Credit Card bills through any of the following channels:

  • Auto Payment instruction for Minimum or Full payment. Your dues will be automatically paid from your respective account.
  • CBBL Branch Use Credit card bill payment slip and make payment over the counter through cash. Use two separate payment slips for local and foreign payments.
  • In future Credit Card payment can be made from Community Bank Apps as well.
Answer:   An over limit fee will be charged if card balance exceeds the credit limit.
Answer:   You must notify Community Bank of any billing error or disputed transactions in the statement within seven (07) days from Statement Date, otherwise the statement shall be considered true and correct.
Answer:   You will get EMI facility from 3 months to 36 months if you make a minimum transaction of BDT 3,000 at the designated QuickBuy outlet.
Answer:   You will not be liable for charges incurred in your card account after the time of reporting of stolen/lost card. Only transactions prior to the time of reporting will be charged to you.

Answer:   Schedules of charges of CBBL Credit Card are as follows:

Particulars of ChargesVisa Gold Dual CurrencyVISA Platinum
Dual Currency
Annual Fee (Basic Card)BDT 1500BDT 1500
Annual Fee (Supplementary 1st Card)FreeFree
Annual Fee  (Supplementary 2nd to Onward)BDT 750BDT 1000
Minimum Amount5% or BDT 500, USD  10 whichever is higher

5% or BDT 500, USD  10 whichever is higher



Interest Rate 20% yearly20% yearly
Excess Limit FeeBDT 500 or USD 8BDT 500 or USD 8
Late Payment FeeBDT 500 or USD 8BDT 700 or USD 10
Card Reissue/ Replacement FeeBDT 500BDT 500
Return Cheque FeeBDT 200 or USD 5BDT 200 or USD 5
Green PIN Reissue/ Replacement FeeBDT 200BDT 200
Duplicate Statement FeeBDT 100BDT 100
Bank POS Cash Transaction & Fund Transfer Fee1% or BDT 50 
whichever Is higher
1% or BDT 50 
whichever Is higher
Cash Advance Limit (Own Bank POS)50% of limit50% of limit
Cash Advance Limit (ATM)Max 50% of Credit
Max 50% of Credit
Cash Advance Fee (At CBBL ATM)

1% or BDT 50 whichever is higher



1% or BDT  50 whichever is higher



Cash Advance Fee (At Other’s ATM)2% or BDT 100, USD $2 whichever is higher2% or BDT 100, USD $2 whichever is higher
Cross border currency transaction markup3%3%
CIB FeeBDT 100BDT 100
Certificate ChargeBDT 100BDT 100