community cash Terms and Conditions

The use of Community Bank Internet Banking Service is subject to the following terms and conditions:


1.1. By applying for Internet Banking for the first time, the User accepts and agrees with these Terms & Conditions. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, all Terms & Conditions about the accounts shall continue to apply. In the event of any conflict between these Terms & Conditions and the Rules and Regulations governing the User(s) account with Community Bank, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail about Community Bank Internet Banking.


2.1. Community Bank will provide the User with a unique User Identification Number (“User ID”) and a temporary password in the first instance through email. The User(s) hereby authorizes and instructs Community Bank to email him/her the User ID and Password relating to his/her access login to the Internet Banking Services to the email address given in the application at his/her own risk and responsibility.

2.2. The User shall log in to internet banking by using the User ID and Password. As a safety measure, the User shall immediately change the Password upon his/her first login. User is requested to change his/her Password frequently thereafter to avoid any possible hacking, inherent risk, or misuse/fraudulent use of his/her account 2.3. User is therefore responsible for maintaining the confidentially and secrecy of User ID and Password. User should not under any circumstances disclose his/her User ID and/or Password to anyone, including anyone claiming to represent the Bank or to someone assisting a technical helpdesk in connection with the service.

2.4. If the User gives or shares his/her password to anyone or fails to safeguard its secrecy, he/she does so at his/her own risk because anyone with User Password will have access to his/her accounts.

2.5. If the User forgets the password, he/she has to request for issue of a new password by sending a request to Community Bank. If a User’s password is lost or stolen or is known by another individual, he/she must notify the Community Bank immediately. If the bank receives any information orally or in writing from anyone including the user, the bank may immediately suspend the services in good faith for the safety and security of the user.

2.6. User hereby acknowledges and understands the inherent risk of using the Internet and availing the Internet Banking Services and accordingly shall take all necessary precautions at his/her end to safeguard himself/herself from such risk. Bank shall not be held liable in any form whatsoever if the User suffers any loss or damages due to such inherent risk of internet and Internet Banking Services unless such loss or damage is caused due to willful negligence of the Bank.


3.1. COMMUNITY BANK shall initially provide Internet Banking Services free of cost. However, Community Bank reserves the right to change and recover from the User(s) service charges, as may be fixed by Community Bank from time to time. The User hereby authorizes COMMUNITY BANK to recover such charges from his/her account(s).

3.2. Charges are subjected to change from time to time at Community Bank’s discretion


4.1. Upon obtaining the User ID and Password, the User is requested to check the list of his/her accounts with Community Bank. If any of the User account is missing, please inform Community Bank immediately. If a third-party account is linked to the User’s ID, please inform Community Bank also. Do not access it or do not perform any transaction on that account. Such activity, if done, will be treated as fraudulent activity.

4.2. If the User believes unauthorized transactions are being made with his/her account, he/she should change the Password immediately and notify the Community Bank.

4.3. The User should check the Statements for all of his/her accounts for any unauthorized transaction. In case of any discrepancy in details of any transactions carried out in respect of the account, in that event User should immediately inform Community Bank In writing.

4.4. Bank’s only responsibility would be to use its best efforts to prevent such unauthorized transactions if already not been made.


5.1. User shall be responsible for all financial and non-financial transactions using Community Internet Banking Service.

5.2. Any transaction made after working hours or on public/bank holidays, the transaction value date will be the next working day.

5.3. Community Bank shall not be liable for any consequences arising out of its failure to carry out the instructions due to inadequacy of funds.


6.1 User should agree and confirm that he/she will not use this Internet Banking facility for money laundering, illegal, unlawful purpose.

6.2 User shall fully comply with the laws related to money laundering and shall not use Internet Banking services for any anti-terrorism or anti-state activities.

6.3 Community Bank reserves the right to demand an explanation from the User regarding any matter pertaining to money laundering and the anti-terrorism law of the country.


7.1. COMMUNITY BANK shall have the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the Terms at any time and will attempt to give prior notice of fifteen days for such changes wherever feasible. Such change to the Terms shall be communicated to the Users publishing on the Community Bank website. By using any new services as may be introduced by Community Bank, the User shall be deemed to have accepted the changed Terms.