Credit Card

Learn to manage your debts better and earn credit, choose a card most suitable for you from our credit card section. 

Prepaid Card

Our prepaid cards are designed to make your daily life transaction easier and ductile. This card is available to anyone, one does not need to have an account to avail this card and its benefits. 

Debit Card

We offer you our debit card services if you’re not a risk taker, spend only what you want.

Hajj Card

Visit the holy land of Saudi Arabia to perform your hajj, we provide you a unique solution for your financial needs for hajj. You can now enjoy a convenient and safe access to your money during your pilgrimage by simply getting yourself a community bank hajj card. Bangladeshi hajj travelers can prevail this service as a cashless, interest- free, safer and more convenient solution for meeting all their transactional requirements.

Signature Card

Travel Card

Make travelling fun and adventurous, let us help you plan a trip, get exciting offers and benefits on your next destination.